Aladtec Services offers custom programming for your EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager system. While each system provides the flexibility to generate and export data, you may need something specifically tailored to your company. Aladtec Services can help.

For more information, contact us at (888) 749-5550. Here are a few examples of what our services department can do for you.

Custom Payroll Export

Does your agency use a service for HR or payroll? Would you like an even easier way to get your EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager data to your payroll service?

We have set up custom exports to payroll services such as ADP, Payce, PayChoice, and Paychex and we can do the same for your system. Custom payroll export provides pre-formatted data within your specified pay periods taking the guess-work out before making a submission to your payroll service.

Custom Reports

Each system comes standard with a robust set of detailed reports for everyday, weekly, monthly, or even pay period use. A wide range of customizable filters and flexible options help you create your own reports for only the data you require.

If you require a customized report format from your system, we will work with you to develop and integrate the reporting you need out of your EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager system.

Custom Interfacing

Use a third-party program for other aspects of your business? Our services department can help you interface your employee and scheduling data directly with your other programs. Through the use of our application programming interface (API), we may be able to communicate with your third-party application to shuttle data from your EMS Manager, FIRE Manager, or Zanager system saving you even more time.