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Tech Tip: Multiple Tabs, Increase Font Size, Change Time Types

By April 17, 2015 No Comments

Here in the Aladtec Support department, we love finding faster and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks in the system.  Some of the shortcuts we use are simple, but not very obvious.  Here are a few you must have in your arsenal.

Multiple Tabs

Don’t be limited to only working in one tab with the Aladtec System. By holding the Ctrl key and clicking a link, it will open in a new tab.  This makes it easy for switching between two or more areas of the system.  Don’t forget to refresh the page if you make a change in one part of the system and are verifying in another (you can use F5 to refresh a page).

Increase Font Size

If the text is too small in the system, use Ctrl and the +/- keys to increase/decrease the size of the text.  You can also use Ctrl and 0 to reset back to it’s default size.

Change Time Types

Changing the Time Type associated with a shift can be done very quickly in the Hourly Editor.  There is no longer a need to delete the shift and re-add it.  The option to change a Time Type  can be found on each shift by hovering over the small arrow next to the member’s name.

Note: This only applies to systems with Time Types Enabled.

Let us Help

We love helping our customers with new ways to use the system. Please call or email us with questions or feedback. 888-749-5550 or support@aladtec.com.

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