Smart Fields in Forms

By February 3, 2016 2 Comments

We are happy to announce the addition of Smart Fields to Forms. Members and Schedules are two new Smart Fields that can be added to a form on the Form Configurator page. The new Smart Fields are pre-populated based on data in the system, and stay up-to-date with the system’s current active members and schedules.

Here are a couple examples of how Smart Fields can save time and are useful.

  • Many Aladtec Customers name their schedules after vehicles (Engine 1, Ambulance A, etc). By using the Schedule Smart Field, the forms will always have the most current list of vehicles to choose from when submitting a form.
  • If more than one person is involved in filling out a form, include the Members Smart Field allowing the person submitting the form to select other individual’s names.
Setting up Smart Fields in the Aladtec Forms Configurator

We intend to make additional Smart Fields based on customer feedback. Please let us know what you think or if you have other Smart Field ideas. or 888-749-5550


  • chad dykgraaf says:


    The smart field in forms is a great idea. However I think there are a few drawbacks. Major issue is trades.. The system automatically tracks trades and should automatically be able to implement them into the system as such. Example: FF A swaps his normally scheduled Tuesdays shift with FF B’s normally scheduled Wednesdays shift. The scheduler represents that. When the SMART time sheet is produced-the sheet tallies the days FF A and B worked but on the day of trade. This gives each FF hours for the time they swapped but not their originally scheduled time. I understand there are rules that can be put in place (per forms/timesheet/help) but these also require multiple submissions of “Paid trade not working” and “unpaid trade-working”. Or an additional spot would have to be added to the schedule for “PTO- trade etc. I believe this could result in human error

    • Aladtec, Inc. says:

      Hi Chad – we do have a few steps in our Trades process of paid/not-paid. However, we’ve just updated our smart fields for the timesheet PPTR form and believe that should help you. We are also continually updating our payroll module. Please give our customer support a call – we’d be happy to make sure your system is optimized to assist you in this matter. Thank you for reaching out – we always appreciate feedback on what works best for our customers.

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