Time Types in Aladtec allow scheduled time to be categorized with labels such as regular, overtime, training, on call, etc. Typically Time Types are used to provide additional information about a shift that can be used for payroll or reporting. Visit the Time Types area under Setup to enable this feature and edit the available options. Here are some common examples of how they are used.

  • If a specific part of an employee’s shift is considered “on-call”, apply an On-Call Time Type and run a report at the end of the pay period to show the total On-Call hours.
  • When an employee is at their work location but in training, use a Training Time Type.
  • When an employee goes over their standard amount of hours and are due Overtime, apply an Overtime Time Type to make sure they are compensated accordingly.
  • Use a “Meeting” type to help track the time and cost of staff meetings.

Time Types can be added to shifts in the hourly editor as shown in this image.

Time Types added to shifts in the hourly editor


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