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Assigning Time Off Accrual to Members

By May 20, 2019 4 Comments

Aladtec has enhanced the Time Off Accrual feature, offering greater flexibility in defining accruals for members. The enhancement allows members to seamlessly roll from one accrual profile to another, eliminating the need to assign new accrual profiles over time. Also, members can now start accruing on a date in the past, simplifying set up for the initial accrual period.

To implement Time Off Accruals, in Setup, enable Time Off, then define accrual profiles. In the example below, accrual profiles have been defined based on job and years of experience. Each accrual profile can be set up to automatically accrue hours per Time Off Type.

Enable Time Off, then define accrual profiles

Once Accrual Profiles are defined, multiple Accrual Profiles can be assigned to each member, as shown in the example below. Each Accrual Profile is only effective during the specified Profile Date Range. A member is eligible to begin accruing hours on the Starts Accruing date, which can be set to a date in the past. Automatic accruals will be deposited after hours have been accrued, providing the deposit date is within the Profile Date Range.

Multiple Accrual Profiles can be assigned to each member.

Each Accrual Profile assigned to a member includes, per accrual type, the Next Deposit date and the Accrual Rate, making it easy to confirm the member’s time off accrual was set up correctly.

Confirm member’s time off accrual.

For additional information on how to use Time Off Accrual, watch this video.

For questions or additional help with Time Off Accrual, please contact the Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~ Your Aladtec Team


  • Unknown says:

    Love all the new features here and it will make life so much easier! Maybe one day the next feature can be for a "Time Off Type" to zero our at the end of the year. Thank you for your videos they always help a lot!

  • Aladtec, Inc. says:

    Great to hear! And thank you for the feedback. We continue to strive to make our system meet our customer's needs.

  • Chuck says:

    Agree with "Unknown" above. Really like the improvements but still need to have the balance zero out if not used by the anniversary date.

    We also need to be able to quickly determine what time is available before and after a given anniversary date. Our personnel receive there new vacation hours on their anniversary date so it is challenging to determine how much time they have available before and/or after their anniversary date.

  • Aladtec, Inc. says:

    Hi Chuck! Glad our new accrual updates are working for you! We have added a Feature Request for the option to zero out the balance each year. Each member's accrual bank will reflect the most current vacation hours available for any approved time off requests. These hours can be displayed easily in the Member Database. If needed, please give our Support Team a call/email to review more thoroughly with examples. Thanks!

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