emsCharts integration saves time, boost accuracy

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Agencies that use the popular emsCharts software for patient reporting can save time and keystrokes by adding a new Aladtec integration, released July 30.
The bridge enables emsCharts to receive schedule information from Aladtec frequently, ensuring that staffing data from yesterday, today, and tomorrow is in sync with emsCharts’ crew information.

“The integration is not so much a time-saver as it is a tool to prevent errors,” wrote Andy Lovell, Gloucester EMS’ Chief, and EMS Coordinator for County of Gloucester, Clayton NJ.

“As a crew member, if I don’t remember to update my unit, station, and partner upon login and subsequently then create a chart within emsCharts, it will be created with my unit/station/partner from my prior shift.

“The integration automatically updates this for me, based upon the current schedule. This potential error elimination saves time in that the crew member, supervisor, or administrator does not need to correct chart errors as they do not occur,” said Lovell.

Gloucester County Emergency Medical Service has used Aladtec for its scheduling since 2007 and uses emsCharts for its pre-hospital information management. Gloucester was New Jersey’s first county-based EMS. Its 200-plus members made 26,197 responses from its 15 stations last year.

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