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Displaying Scheduling Information in External Calendars

By April 8, 2021 2 Comments

Everyone using Aladtec can choose to display, and automatically update, their individual scheduling information in external calendars. Each external calendar is configured with its own Calendar Subscription, providing maximum flexibility on what information is shared. 

For example, it may be helpful to share:

  • scheduled time with a family member
  • events to a general community calendar
  • scheduled time, open shifts, and trades to a personal calendar¬†

On desktop, from My Schedule, select Share My Schedule to create Calendar Subscriptions, as shown below. An Instruction Guide is also available with step-by-step instructions.

Multiple Calendar Subscriptions can be added, and each Calendar Subscription is customizable to only include pertinent information, shown below.

Modifications made to the Calendar Subscription will take effect automatically, without changing any configurations in the external calendar. Keep in mind, the external calendar provider controls the frequency and volume of information shared.

For questions or additional help with sharing scheduling information to an external calendar, please contact the Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~ Your Aladtec Team


  • Jeanine silva says:


    I had completed these instructions & still do not see any schedule?

    • Aladtec, Inc. says:

      Hi Jeanine – it does take up to 24 hours for your schedule to appear in your synced calendar. If you still do not see it, please give us a call at 888-749-5550 and we’d be happy to walk thru the steps with you. Nancy

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