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How Workforce Analytics Deliver Data to Improve Efficiency

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Workforce data delivers the insights you need to make better decisions about your labor force. It can help you identify trends in productivity and pinpoint adjustments that will improve efficiency.

Simply having data doesn’t tell you how to improve workforce efficiency, especially if data is stored in a spreadsheet or legacy system. By using workforce management technology to harness the power of workforce data, you can optimize the efficiency of your workforce, your employee schedules and your budget.


What Kind of Workforce Efficiency Data Can I Gather?

Today’s workforce management technology offers a wealth of data analysis tools, helping you measure employee time and productivity on the job. Automated workforce management technology tracks people data and delivers insights through dashboards and reporting. For instance, as you build out schedules in Aladtec, shift data for employee’s schedule, position and time type can be accessed in reports. One example is the Payroll Report, which can calculate overtime based on your system settings and display the results alongside shift information and PTO. These insights can help you avoid unnecessary overtime by providing an easy view of scheduled overtime shifts, or it can help you calculate how much overtime will be paid out during a time period.


Ways to Use Data to Improve Workforce Efficiency

Because workforce analytics can cover nearly every aspect of the employee experience, it’s not always clear how to use the data to improve efficiency in your workplace. In fact, in a recent Deloitte study, only 26 percent of surveyed HR and IT executives said they used workforce technology and analytics effectively.

Finding a path to greater efficiency requires understanding the many capabilities of today’s workforce management solutions

The following are a few examples of the actions you can take to improve efficiency with workforce analytics and reporting features in Aladtec:

  • Track Equipment Usage and Maintenance: the Aladtec Forms feature can be used to track machine usage and record maintenance notes. Habersham County Emergency Services received approval for the purchase of an additional ambulance after insights from the Aladtec Forms feature revealed that they were out of ambulances for up to 10 hours every month.
  • Create Schedules that Limit Worker Fatigue: Data from workforce management software can be used to help prevent worker fatigue and burnout. Aladtec’s Scheduled Time Report can show you how many hours each employee has been assigned for the pay period, if off balance, hours can be redistributed. To further mitigate worker fatigue, the system can be configured to place limitations on continuous hours or to schedule mandatory time between shifts.
  • Fair and Transparent Overtime Assignments: No organization wants the unexpected costs that come with unplanned overtime, which can be hard to avoid without a system to help monitor employee time, schedules and shift changes. With employee scheduling software, reports can help you identify and manageAladtec’s Coverage Alerts with Staggered Options feature can utilize system data to help fairly assign overtime when opportunities arise.

Use time-tracking data to build better schedules.

Your labor needs aren’t the same day in and day out. Therefore, you need work schedules that can handle the staffing peaks and lulls that occur throughout the year. The Aladtec software can highlight days where minimum staffing needs are not met, and block time-off requests on your organization’s busiest days. Whether your organization is staffed with full-time, part-time or volunteer staff, you can use a workforce management solution to create schedules that fill your needs.


Use Data Insights to Manage Your Workforce More Effectively

Workforce analytics can provide deeper insights into your workforce. With tools that help you understand your workforce and resources, you can make better decisions about staffing, employee scheduling and project assignments. Visit to see if workforce management software can benefit your organization and help regain control of your data.

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