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Dispatcher Giving Instructions

Aladtec for Comm Center/Dispatch

"Our Aladtec system saves me time and saves me many steps compared to my old way of scheduling - which was on paper. We've also found fewer errors in payroll since all hours are tracked within the system."

Diane Morgan, Supervising PST
Gloucester County Emergency Response Center - Clayton, NJ
Dispatcher Giving Instructions

Aladtec for Comm Center/Dispatch

Online Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management Software for Comm Center/Dispatch

Since dispatch is a 24 hour job, we know it’s vital to be able to view and update your staff schedule any time of the day or night - from wherever you happen to be. Aladtec for Comm Center/Dispatch is an online system so it’s always accessible from any computer, smartphone or other mobile device with Internet. With a click of a button you can immediately send out shift availability to selected staff, or your entire department, and fill the shift quickly…without having to make a single phone call!

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See how Jeff Mikulak & North Memorial Ambulance Service
Communications Center
uses Aladtec to schedule staff for North
Memorial Dispatch.