Communications Center/Dispatch and 911 Center Employee Scheduling
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Aladtec for Comm Center/Dispatch

"Our Aladtec system saves me time and saves me many steps compared to my old way of scheduling - which was on paper. We've also found fewer errors in payroll since all hours are tracked within the system."

Diane Morgan, Supervising PST
Gloucester County Emergency Response Center - Clayton, NJ
Dispatcher Giving Instructions

Aladtec for Comm Center/Dispatch

Online Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management Software for Comm Center/Dispatch

Since dispatch is a 24 hour job, we know it’s vital to be able to view and update your staff schedule any time of the day or night - from wherever you happen to be. Aladtec for Comm Center/Dispatch is an online system so it’s always accessible from any computer, smartphone or other mobile device with Internet. With a click of a button you can immediately send out shift availability to selected staff, or your entire department, and fill the shift quickly…without having to make a single phone call!

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Integrated Features Assure Accuracy & Efficiency

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Employee Scheduling

Updating the schedule for your 911 Communication Center is quick and simple. Quickly schedule complex rotations with custom rotation requirements. Or, use manual scheduling to allow dispatchers to easily submit their availability or sign up for shifts.
  • Apply fair and equitable shift schedules and rotation rules
  • Ensure adequate training and skill level coverage for each shift
  • Set multiple work limits to avoid overtime
  • View and manage your 911 Center schedule anywhere anytime from any device

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Records Management

Aladtec offers a flexible member database to track employee data, from dispatch training and continuing education to EMD certifications and EMT licenses. The online form creator allows dispatchers to submit and review customized forms. Our library gives full flexibility to configure access and store current policy and procedures, area maps, and important files.
  • Keep complete records of your dispatchers and call takers
  • Monitor expiration and renewal dates for certifications and training
  • Securely store, and backup, your employee data

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Time & Attendance

Keeping track of dispatch employee attendance is made easy with our optional time clock kiosk. Comparing the schedule with real-time attendance allows for daily monitoring across any number of 911 centers.
  • Create an unlimited number of kiosks for your call centers
  • Require employee explanations when they are early or late
  • Easily adjust time clock punches before exporting to payroll

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Absence Management

Automatically track time off and accrual balances for your dispatchers using an endless variety of time off categories. Aladtec offers an easy to use method for requesting, approving and monitoring absences.
  • Accurately log and track all requests and approvals/denials
  • Administrators and employees can view available PTO balances anytime
  • Effortlessly find replacement staff for unexpected vacancies

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Communication Tools

Improve communications and morale for your dispatch centers by using Aladtec’s communication tools. To force users to read and acknowledge a message before entering the system, send a Required Message. To tell all qualified employees about a last minute shift opening, send a Find Coverage request.
  • Send emergency Emails & Text Messages to any group of staff
  • Require Messages on login to eliminate un-read/un-received emails
  • Built in forum/message board for call center wide communication

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Extreme Flexibility

Every communication center is unique and requires their own variation of workforce management. The system can accommodate endless variations of complex reporting, employee record keeping, and schedule rotation requirements.
  • Easily build custom complex schedule rotations
  • Customize Reports for viewing or payroll
  • Personalize access controls to maintain security and restrictions based on role/title
  • Access controls to maintain security and restrictions based on rank/title

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