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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Aladtec online employee scheduling systems work?

Our Aladtec system is a sophisticated online application which runs on our secure and dedicated web servers. It can be accessed by your administrator(s) and employees from any web browser on any computer, smartphone or other mobile device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.).

What is the benefit of using an employee scheduling system online?

Imagine if you and your employees could view the schedule anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection. Whether in the office, at home, or on the go, you and your employees have access to features such as: availability submission, shift trading, shift sign-ups, time off requests, library, and the discussions forum. These features save your company administrative time, reduce overtime costs, improve communication and help your entire organization be more efficient.

Other benefits include:

  • Secure storage of your entire system and all data on our server. With nothing to install on your computer, you never need to worry about compatibility or system upgrades.
  • Daily data backup to remote locations. You never need to worry about backing up your information.
  • Cross-platform compatibility. Since your system is 100% web-based, it works equally well on Mac or Windows with any modern web browser.

Do we need special software to use the Aladtec system?

No. Your employees and administrators only need a modern web browser and Internet access.

Can I access this system from my mobile?

Yes! Members can submit time-off, initiate trades, sign-up for shifts, and more, all from their mobile.

What if we have a mix of paid-on-call and full-time employees?

Each system includes many features for casual employees, including availability submission, shift-trading, find coverage requests and shift sign-up.

Each system also includes a variety of features for companies with full-time employees. These include time off requests, shift-trades and employee rotations (such as the Berkley, Modified Detroit, Modified Kelly, California, Chicago, 24/48, ABC, 10s and 14s, 48/96 and others). If you use employee shift rotations we don’t already have in your system, we’d be happy to add it in.

Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes! You are invited to sign-up for a14-day free demo here on the site or give us a call at 888.749.5550 to have a representative assist you.

What is your privacy policy?

Aladtec is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your information managed through Aladtec services. Our complete Privacy Policy can be found here.

Can anyone access my system?

No. Each system has a unique URL and each employee has a unique login and password to access your system. And with assignable access levels, you can determine which employees have access to which sections and employee data as you like.

How much does a system cost?

The system is offered as an annual subscription. While pricing is based on the number of full-time and casual employees your organization has, we strive for competitive pricing for organizations of any size. Please call us at 888.749.5550 for a quote.

Are there any long-term contracts?

Actually, there’s no contract to sign at all. We use an annual subscription model that allows you to cancel your Aladtec online employee scheduling system anytime without any sort of cancellation fees.

How much do you charge for support?

Free unlimited telephone and email support is included with each subscription. We can do this because we’ve designed our software to be as easy to learn as it is to use.

If you don't charge extra for support, how good can it be?

We take great pride in the quality of our support but don’t take our word for it – read what actual users are saying in Testimonials.

Do you provide classes or training seminars?

We’ve designed our software to be easy to learn and use, and take the time to train your administrators during the onboarding period. However, everyone learns at a different speed and manner, and administrators can change. Therefore, in addition to our free, unlimited Customer Support, we also offer a monthly webinar, each focused on various system topics. These recorded webinars, in addition to our video tutorials, can be found in our Help section. 

Would you provide on-site training if we need it?

We are often asked if we provide on-site training. We’ve never had to train any of our users on-site but would be happy to discuss the option with you. We are confident that you’ll find our system as easy to learn through our phone and email support as it is to integrate into your workplace.

What if we need extra features added?

Aladtec online employee scheduling systems are built to be flexible. Users often ask us how much we charge to add a certain feature only to be surprised when we tell them the system can already do what they need with a simple configuration change. If you do need customization, however, requiring additional engineering, we provide modifications at competitive rates.

Can Aladtec interface with outside applications like payroll?

Yes. Customized reports can be exported as CSV files via our API. We also continually add to our growing list of Integrations. If your application is not currently listed, contact support at 888.749.5550 or

Can we host our system on our own internal server?

No. Our hosted solution, sometimes called a software-as-a-service, or software-on-demand provides your company with many advantages over old-fashioned desktop software or even software installed on your own network server. Our hosted solution eliminates your need to buy or repair servers. It eliminates compatibility concerns regarding the operating platform, database, program versions, directory structure, etc. It also eliminates the need to worry about installing upgrades and maintaining backups. It’s hard to beat Aladtec for online employee scheduling and workforce management.