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Fire Workers in Front of Firetruck

Aladtec for Fire / Rescue

"With not even a year of usage, we can confidently say that we have reduced the amount of time spent on scheduling by more than 50%. Before we switched from paper scheduling to our Aladtec system, our schedule was always messy, and on busier days, outright confusing."

J.T. Gill, Assistant Chief
Canmore Fire-EMS – Canmore, Alberta
Fire Workers in Front of Firetruck

Aladtec for Fire / Rescue

Online Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management Software for Fire / Rescue

Whether your department is made up of volunteers, part-time or full-time members, with just a click of a button, all firefighters qualified to work an open shift receive a text message, email, or page. Those who want the shift sign up and the administrator chooses who to fairly assign it to. Designed to be powerful, flexible and easy to use, complex rotations can be quickly added for a year or more into the future and shift trades are easy to approve, and track, within the system. Aladtec’s online scheduling and crew management system is available to administrators, and staff, 24/7/365 from any computer or mobile device via the Internet. Gone are the days of scheduling on paper…online is where it’s at.

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See how Butch Gervais & The City of Maplewood Fire Department
uses Aladtec to schedule multiple crews & multiple stations.

Integrated Features Assure Accuracy & Efficiency

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Employee Scheduling

Schedule firefighters and say goodbye to whiteboards and spreadsheets that require time consuming manual changes almost as fast as they are posted.
  • 24/48, 48/96, 10/14, 12/12, Kelly, California, Chicago, Modified Detroit, no rotation is too difficult
  • Reschedule acting officers, BCs, lieutenants, and engineers while maintaining FLSA and union rules
  • Fill open shifts quick and fair using your Overtime Rotation or callback list

Records Management Image

Records Management

Keep track of member information, scheduled time, trades, and run detailed reports on any data in the system.
  • Receive expiration warnings about employee data, certifications, immunizations, and licenses
  • Create electronic documents for vehicle maintenance, rig checklists, equipment logs, incident reports, and much more...
  • Store folders, files, documents, pictures and training videos in the Library and grant permissions according to access levels

Time & Attendance Image

Time & Attendance

Web based time clock allows employees to clock-in and out at multiple locations, or from a smartphone while comparing scheduled time to real-time attendance.
  • Create Time Clock kiosks in your stations, vehicles, etc...
  • Set a grace period and require employee explanations when they are early or late
  • View, print or export Time Clock reports for payroll or review purposes

Absence Management Image

Absence Management

Easily monitor the requesting, approving, reporting of time off and accruals.
  • Create rules according to access level to allow members to see who is off and why
  • Track all Call Offs, vacations, kelly days, FMLA, etc...
  • Allow employees to request time off and track accrual balances
  • Payroll Reporting of Time Off

Communication Tools Image

Communication Tools

Improve communications and morale within your organization by using email, text message and web communication.
  • Send Emails & Text Messages to the entire staff or groups
  • Create Required Messages the employee must sign-off on
  • Send Find Coverage Alerts regarding open shifts
  • Built in forum/ message board

Extreme Flexibility Image

Extreme Flexibility

Every fire department is unique and requires its own variation of workforce management. This system can accommodate endless variations of complex reporting, employee record keeping, and schedule rotation requirements.
  • Customizable Reports, Member Database, Forms & Schedules
  • Accommodates complex schedules & repetitions
  • Control what each employee can see and do in the system

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