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Aladtec for Healthcare

"Before, I was spending 18-20 hours a week scheduling staff. Switching to Aladtec cut it to only 1-2 hours. Also, employee satisfaction greatly improved and my efficiency increased significantly by using Aladtec."

Marcus Knudson, PhD(c), MSN, RN
Nurse Talking to Elderly Patient

Aladtec for Healthcare

Online Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management for Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, therapy centers, long term care facilities and other healthcare organizations rely on accuracy and need flexibility for healthcare staffing. In addition, certifications and licensing must be tracked, numerous forms must be easily accessible and immediate communication is essential. Aladtec for Healthcare helps you do all of this and more. Your online staff schedule, and access to all data, is available 24/7 - you can easily track information, generate reports and communicate with your entire healthcare staff instantly. Aladtec allows you to concentrate on more important things...your patients.

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