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Scheduler at Iowa Motor Speedway Holding Tablet

Aladtec for Motorsports

"Since switching our employee scheduling and workforce management to Aladtec for Motorsports, our “city” at Iowa Speedway is running more efficiently and more effectively."

Luke Clement, Director of Track Services and Special Events
Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa
Scheduler at Iowa Motor Speedway Holding Tablet

Aladtec for Motorsports

Online Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management Software for Motorsports

Staffing races, and other large scale events, has never been easier. Aladtec for Motorsports takes the hassle factor out of scheduling, making shift trades and tracking employee data. Your fast-paced environment deserves your full attention; and our online employee scheduling and workforce management system will make your scheduling and data management a breeze.

Our system is available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device with Internet access, allowing you to manage your staff anytime and from anywhere you need to be.

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Integrated Features Assure Accuracy & Efficiency

Employee Scheduling Image

Employee Scheduling

Instantly manage and communicate your ever changing schedule with ease. Give your first responders and employees the freedom to submit their availability or sign up for shifts while maintaining control to approve and move them around it in one accessible place.
  • Make accurate changes with an easy to use mobile interface
  • Configure and plan ahead for staffing numbers and gaps
  • Prevent double booking of staff
  • Stay ahead of the planning for Special Event & Track Rental staffing

Records Management Image

Records Management

Customizable member database to track employee data, training, certifications, licenses, equipment issuance or anything you want to track and run reports on. The online form creator allows employees to submit and review customized forms. Our library gives full flexibility to store important files.
  • Keep all employee data in one location
  • Data is stored securely on our servers
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Check In forms
  • Incident Report forms
  • Garage, Fuel Station & Pit Road checklists
  • First Responder Medic & Cart checklists

Time & Attendance Image

Time & Attendance

Keeping track of employee attendance is made easy with our optional time clock kiosk. Comparing the schedule with real-time attendance allows for daily monitoring across any number of locations.
  • Create an unlimited number of kiosks to track locations
  • Require employee explanations when they are early or late
  • Allow members to clock in from any web-enabled device

Absence Management Image

Absence Management

Automatically track time off and accrual balances. Aladtec offers an easy to use method for requesting, approving and monitoring absences.
  • Eliminate confusion about who is off and why
  • Administrators and employees can view available PTO balances anytime
  • All requests and approvals/denials are accurately logged

Communication Tools Image

Communication Tools

Improved communication improves morale. Alert qualified employees about a last minute shift openings. Keep staff abreast of changes due to rain delays or cancellations. Ensure users read and acknowledge required messages.
  • Send emails and text messages to individuals, groups, or entire staff
  • Ensure employees are reading important messages by requiring them to "sign-off" before they are allowed into the system
  • Host conversations in your department's private forum/message board
  • Fully editable Home Page

Extreme Flexibility Image

Extreme Flexibility

Every service is unique and requires their own variation of workforce management. The system can accommodate endless variations of complex reporting, employee record keeping, and schedule rotation requirements.
  • Customizable Reports, Member Database & Forms
  • Accommodates complex schedule repetitions
  • Fully editable Home Page
  • Access controls to maintain security and restrictions based on rank/title

Aladtec Features