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Aladtec for Law Enforcement

"Aladtec for Law Enforcement is so much better than the old spreadsheet we used before. Now, it’s very easy for staff to request time off, the schedule stays accurate and it’s easy to manage. I truly try to forget how labor intensive the old way was."

Steven Schoenbauer, PSAP Supervisor
Carver County Sheriff's Office, MN
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Aladtec for Law Enforcement

Online Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management Software for Law Enforcement

Creating and managing duty rosters and staff schedules online is easier, faster and more accurate than any spreadsheet, whiteboard or paper calendar. Aladtec for Law Enforcement also helps you maintain and document union, FLSA and policy regulations. You can create custom reports on scheduled time, on duty time, availability and time off. Best of all, administrators and staff can access and use the system from any computer or mobile device via the Internet.

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See how Michael Hubred uses Aladtec to schedule Special Deputies for
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Integrated Features Assure Accuracy & Efficiency

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Employee Scheduling

Keeping your officer’s schedules up to date is quick and easy with manual scheduling or powerful rotations.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies are able to automatically schedule from pre-configured rotations including 24/48, 48/96, Pittman, Chicago, and many more.
  • Track training classes, meetings, court appearances and more.
  • Staffing Lieutenants can manage duty rosters and schedules much faster and more accurate than with spreadsheets, paper, or desktop scheduling applications

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Records Management

Aladtec offers a flexible member database to track personnel data, training and continuing education, licensing and certifications. Supervisors can create online forms that your squad can submit while tracking trends and predicting needs. Our library gives full flexibility to store important files and documents.
  • Keep all department data in one centralized location.
  • Data is stored securely on our servers for quick access.
  • Create links or upload your own content for training and continuing education.

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Time & Attendance

Managing your sheriff's department attendance is made easy with our optional time clock kiosk. Comparing the schedule with real-time attendance allows for daily monitoring of your staff across any number of locations.
  • Create an unlimited number of virtual kiosks across multiple locations.
  • Require explanations when patrol officers are early or late.
  • Allow deputies to clock in from any web-enabled device.

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Absence Management

Aladtec for Law Enforcement offers an easy to use method for requesting, approving and monitoring absences. Automatically track time off and accrual balances.
  • Eliminate confusion in your department about who is off and why.
  • Supervisors and squad personnel can view available PTO balances anytime...anywhere.
  • All requests and approvals/denials are accurately logged.

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Communication Tools

Improve communications and morale within your department by using Aladtec for Law Enforcement’s communication tools.
  • Send Emails & Text Messages to a group of officers or the entire staff with just a few clicks.
  • Require a read receipt upon login to alert staff of important messages.
  • Inform all qualified officers about a last minute shift opening.
  • Encourage inter-squad dialogue with our Discussions tool.

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Extreme Flexibility

Every law enforcement agency is unique and requires their own variation of workforce management. Aladtec can accommodate endless variations of complex reporting, record keeping, and scheduling requirements.
  • Customizable Reports, Member Database & Forms.
  • Accommodates complex schedule repetitions.
  • Fully editable home page.
  • Access controls to maintain security and restrictions based on rank, title or seniority.

Aladtec Features