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Aladtec for Security

"The reports capability has helped out greatly because we are now able to see how many hours each employee has worked and cross reference the hours placed into the payroll system."

Andrew Ritt
Allied Barton Security, St. Paul, MN
Security Guard Standing and With Back To The Viewer

Aladtec for Security

Online Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management Software for Security

If you’re looking for a better way to schedule your security staff, whether for long term clients or special events, you’ve landed in the right place. At a glance, you can view your schedule …by day, week, month or year. You’ll see who’s scheduled where and who’s available for any last minute shift changes. You can easily track necessary certifications and weapon licensing, receiving notification when they are about to expire. The Aladtec for Security system is accessible from any computer, smartphone or other mobile device 24/7 - whenever YOU need it.

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Integrated Features Assure Accuracy & Efficiency

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Employee Scheduling

Easily schedule officers, Investigators, body guards...etc to the locations that require specific qualifications.
  • Ability to schedule short term protection or 24 hr surveillance based on each job requirement with the requested number of staff.
  • Easily track job coverage, events, meetings, or time off.
  • Employees can view their schedule from any device with an internet connection.

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Records Management

A customizable employee database to track member contact information, qualifications, licenses, certification expirations and more. Keep all department data in a centralized location, securely stored and backed up daily.
  • Use our form builder to allow security personnel to submit shift reports, vehicle inspections, incident reports, evaluations... the possibilities are endless
  • Customize reports for payroll or hours staffed at specific locations for billing purposes
  • Library to store and share important files, docs, and videos with selected staff

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Time & Attendance

Managing your Security Force's attendance is made easy with our optional time clock. Monitoring coverage at all locations in real-time from one screen.
  • Create an unlimited number of virtual kiosks across multiple locations.
  • Require an explanation when staff clocks in/out early or late of their scheduled hours.
  • Allow officers to clock-in on location from any web-enabled device including smartphones.

Absence Management Image

Absence Management

Aladtec for Security offers an easy to use method for requesting, approving and monitoring absences. Automatically track time off and accrual balances.
  • Eliminate confusion about who is off and why.
  • Administrators and employees can view available PTO balances anytime.
  • All requests and approvals/denials are accurately logged.

Communication Tools Image

Communication Tools

Improve communications and morale within your Security Company by using Aladtec for Security's messaging tools.
  • Send shift coverage alerts to all qualified or select personnel for open shifts, even last minute.
  • Send emails and/or text messages to all or select staff with just a few clicks.
  • Important messages can require "read and understood" timestamp at system login.
  • Encourage "team building" dialogue with the Discussions Board.

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Extreme Flexibility

Every Security agency is unique and requires their own variation of workforce management. Aladtec for Security can accommodate endless customization of reporting, record keeping, accountability and scheduling requirements.
  • Customize Views, Setup, Pay periods, Holidays and much more
  • Accommodate simple or complex schedules and shifts, even if they repeat or rotate far into the future
  • Fully editable home page with instructions, web-links or photos
  • Access Levels allow varied authority levels based on Rank Titleec or Seniority

Aladtec Features