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About Us

Leo Langlois and Dave Feyereisen had built custom ecommerce websites for several years when in 2002, a local ambulance company from Ellsworth, Wisconsin asked for help to improve their employee scheduling process by moving it online.

Within a few months, the system was up and we named it EMS Manager. The benefits were impressive and soon we were contacted by other companies asking for similar solutions. Between 2002 and 2005, word spread and we talked to literally hundreds of EMS directors and fire chiefs. Almost every company, however, seemed to have a different employee scheduling process. We made periodic changes and added new customers but it became clear that a more sophisticated and flexible solution was needed. We started over and developed a much more capable platform supporting the wide variety of employee scheduling techniques used by EMS and fire departments.

In 2005, we spun our online scheduling system off into a new company called Aladtec Incorporated. Since then many new features have been added along with many thousand lines of new programming code.

Ever since we built our first online employee scheduling system back in 2002, we’ve been amazed by the dedication and the sacrifices made by the employees within the public safety industry. We’re thankful for everything they’ve done to help us spread the word about our product and our company. It’s an honor for us to be involved with the good people of such a noble profession.

We now offer an online employee scheduling and workforce management system that is suitable for both small volunteer services and large multi-location corporations. Aladtec provides an efficient, and cost-effective, solution to effectively manage employee scheduling and personnel data for many industries.

We are proud to have been ranked on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the nation for six years in a row. In the history of Inc. 5000, only two percent of companies have made the list six times. Now, with more than 150,000 users using our employee scheduling and workforce management system, we are excited for what lies ahead and are committed to continuing to make our customer’s lives even easier.