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North Olmsted finds versatile staffing solution

“The city of North Olmsted formed a committee — representative of the city’s different divisions — and explored available options. Members all agreed Aladtec would work best. Since that time, the city has been unrolling Aladtec one division at a time, including in its parks and recreation department, golf course, ballroom, police department and wastewater division. Director of Finance Carrie Copfer said, “We wanted one solution for everyone.” Aladtec’s versatility across divisions and scheduling scenarios has paid off for the city.”
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This Municipality Sees Value of Their Public Safety Departments Using Same Staff Scheduling Software

“The Affordable Care Act prompted us to use Aladtec too. Since the City of Lincoln is a large employer with more than 50  full-time employees, we are required by law to file reports with the IRS  annually.  Aladtec enables us to track separately (vacation, holiday pay, etc.) all paid time which is required for the Affordable Care Act,” indicates Susan K. Gehlbach, City Clerk. “Aladtec reports provide much needed information for ACA.  All municipalities should invest in this software.”
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Aladtec: Employee Management Simplified – appeared as an article in The Municipal

“As an organization, I estimate we’re saving about 100 hours a month. Aladtec is really a one stop shop,” said Landon Churchill, an engineer/EMT with Colorado River Fire Rescue, Rifle, Colo. “The online time off and trade requests are amazing and very popular with the full time staff. The mobile functionality makes it accessible to everyone, all the time, which is perfect for our volunteer and part time staff. The forms feature is great and we use it for many documents such as time cards, vehicle maintenance, daily checks, award nominations and more. The staff loves not having to use paper forms anymore. Aladtec is amazing, compounded by the genuinely great people working there.”
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Queen Anne’s EMS, MD – appeared as an article in EMS PRO MAG

“Here at Queen Anne’s County DES EMS in Centreville, Maryland we used spreadsheets to manage our employee scheduling for many years. The spreadsheets were located on a desktop computer at headquarters and members would either have to stop by the station or call-in to find out when and where they were working. The system worked, but there were two constant challenges – it took a lot of labor to maintain the schedule AND it was difficult to keep everyone looking at the current version.”
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Liberty Township Fire, OH – Appeared as an article in FireRescue1

“I first heard of online scheduling three years ago. I was at an EMS trade show and saw a demo of a system that put a department’s work schedule online, eliminating the mess of paper scheduling. Since we were scheduling on paper and spreadsheets at the time, we had been experiencing all kinds of problems with tracking shift trades and giveaways – almost any helpful change would have been welcome.”
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Eastern Wake EMS, NC – appeared as an article in Carolina Fire Journal

“After looking into several online scheduling programs, we went with Aladtec. After trying their free demo and several conversations with their customer support, we found the program not only met our needs but was easy to use and was available for a reasonable price. We felt that integrating it into our work-flow would be simple and that our members would have an easier time submitting availability using this system. Once the decision was made, we set a timetable for implementation; we wanted the whole system set up and running within 60 days.”
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Uintah Basin Medical Center

The Director of the EMS Department, Von Johnson, knew his department would be more efficient with a better scheduling system. He had experienced many problems with the paper schedules they were using. Every month, all 75 crew members submitted their availability. Then someone would go through each one and plug their information into the master schedule which they would post in the ambulance shed. After the schedule was posted they had to rely on the crew to pick up the schedule and hope someone would fill the openings.
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Shallowater EMS

Andrew Ochoa had heard of the Aladtec’s online scheduling system and when he discovered there was a 30 day free trial he gave it a try. “Within two weeks of my free trial, I knew I wanted it,” stated Ochoa. “I just had to have it.” Ochoa said the employees were very receptive to the change and they appreciated being able to submit their availability from the comfort of their own home via the internet. He also indicated the staff is saving a lot of money on gas…many were driving 15 to 20 miles one way to sign up on the white board.
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LifePACT, Providence, RI – appeared in The American Ambulance Association’s Ambulance Service Journal

If you ask any operations level manager what is their most time-consuming and frustrating job, they will tell you: scheduling. Like many of you, I found myself unable to effectively manage our employee schedules. Equal distribution of weekend and holiday shifts was difficult and was often accompanied with petty bickering. Tracking down employees for availability was an ongoing issue and delayed putting the schedule together. Our old system was horrible.
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