Private Ambulance Service In Cuyahoga County Ohio Saves Time And Money With Online Scheduling

Physician Ambulance is a private ambulance service located in Cuyahoga County, the most populated county in Ohio. The company takes pride in having the newest and most advanced fleet of ambulances in the market. From satellite tracking, traffic monitoring and the newest medical equipment inside the ambulances to their Aladtec online scheduling system, the company is dedicated to utilizing advanced technology to optimize efficiency.

The Challenge

Michelle Sibula, Manager of the EMS Department, was finding it more and more difficult to create the old paper schedule and to keep it updated due to numerous changes. Since 80% of the crew are part-timers they need the flexibility to work their Physician Ambulance schedule around their other jobs.

The Solution

Ms. Sibula began researching online scheduling systems that would allow her, and the staff, immediate access to the schedule from anywhere with Internet access… 24/7. “I chose Aladtec because I found it the easiest system to use and it was the only online scheduler in which the developer would customize specific features for our company’s unique needs,” indicated Sibula. “The first month I created both a paper and online schedule, that was all it took to make the transition. It was great.”

Unique Online Advantages Provide Significant Benefits

With Aladtec the part-timers can submit their Availability online and the scheduler has immediate access to the information. According to Sibula, this is one of the features the staff uses the most.

Another time saving feature is Time Off Requests. She said this is used by the full-timers all the time. Because they have the same schedule every month, they need this option to request time off for appointments and vacations.

Ms. Sibula praises the Repeats and Rotations feature. It allows her to add schedules for full-time employees and then “let it ride” from month to month. “When I used a computer spreadsheet, I’d have to cut and paste each employee’s schedule every month. With Aladtec their schedule reproduces automatically each month. It saves me a ton of time.”

Sibula also found the Work Limits feature very useful. Since unnecessary overtime is costly, she appreciates how the system alerts her if she is attempting to schedule someone who will hit OT hours.

Physician Ambulance has a contract to provide service at sporting events, concerts, etc. Ms. Sibula posts these dates to the Events Calendar as soon as they are scheduled so staff can prepare accordingly for these runs.

Sibula is also pleased to be saving at least a case of paper a year plus ink and toner, and reducing the wear and tear on their printers and copiers.

Managers and crew members quickly realized how valuable it was to have instant access to the system from anywhere and anytime via the internet. “All our managers can access employee info from anywhere, and employees can view and submit their availability without having to drive in” stated Sibula. “The time savings alone makes it absolutely worth every penny.”

“The time savings alone makes it absolutely worth every penny.”

Michelle Sibula, EMS Dept. Manager
Physician Ambulance Service

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Uintah Basin Medical Center EMS Stats

Population Served
1,393,978 people (2000 census)

3,238 sq. miles
Runs Per Year: Approximately 15,000
Type of Service: 911 ALS & Wheelchair
Crew: 20 Full Time, 40 Part Time

About Aladtec for EMS

Aladtec for EMS is an interactive online scheduling system which can be accessed 24/7 by your administrators and employees from anywhere with an internet connection. The system combines an employee database, message board and events calendar with an advanced scheduling system to keep your department better organized and your employees better informed.