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Serving Hands, a healthcare agency in Wisconsin, shares how Aladtec has improved various aspects of their business.

By moving from paper and pencil scheduling of 150 employees, this organization was able to eliminate scheduling errors and maintain a healthcare staffing schedule which is now always accurate.

Another major benefit they talk about is that they cut the amount of time they spend on payroll in half...saving 20 hours a week. “Aladtec has helped in a variety of ways. In my department alone, it’s saving me incredible amounts of time. It allows me to free up literally 20 hours every week to spend on other projects and activities rather than payroll,” explains their Accounts Payable Administrator Kenneth Fiedler. He also shares how pleased he is with Aladtec’s Customer Support Team.

Please feel free to contact Aladtec if you have any questions by calling our toll-free number at (888) 749-5550.

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