Keep Communication Lines Open Within Your Organization

Start Scheduling Today!
View your schedule info at a flash on the Aladtec Dashboard

Dashboard Summary

Display information about your upcoming shifts, available trades, and licenses expiring soon. Admins can complete tasks quickly such as approve time off and trade requests.

Message members you need

Individual & Group Messaging

Send emails & texts to coworkers through Aladtec’s Member Database without having to track down their contact information.

Send coverage alerts

Coverage Alerts

Alert qualified individuals of open shifts all at once or send out the request to members sequentially based on selected criteria in your system, such as seniority, hours worked, or last overtime shift.

Aladtec's required messages feature

Required Messages

Send staff messages that must be acknowledged before allowing access to the Aladtec system. Use these messages to easily communicate policy changes and other essential information.

Quickly view pending messages in your Dashboard

Request Notifications

Supervisors can view and approve sign ups, time off, and trade requests right from the dashboard or use the Change Request page to further filter.

Use Aladtec's discussion section to have internal conversations


Host department wide conversations with your private discussion board. Organize topics into categories to control who can participate in the conversation.

Aladtec software on desktop and mobile devices

Providing system customizations that fit your department needs

  • Set the expiration notice for each expired date field used in the member database
  • Customize and save filters when using the Change Request feature
  • Members can personalize their notification settings unique to them

"One of the things that works out really well for me with the Aladtec system is I get notifications on my cell phone that there has been a change or a change request or a trade, frequently I’m not at the office for those and I’m able to just address it on my laptop and take care of things right at home just as easily as I can at the office. "

David Radatz, EMS SpecialistRegions EMS, St. Paul, MN