Employee Scheduling

Managing Your Employee Scheduling Just Got Easier 

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Aladtec Rotation Scheduling

Rotation Scheduling

Schedule shifts just once for an employee who works on a recurring pattern such as 24/48, Panama, or California. From simple to complex, we’ve got you covered.

Daily Scheduling with Aladtec

Daily Scheduling

With our easy drag-and-drop tools, make changes on a day-to-day basis from removing an employee who called out sick, to adding additional shifts.

Employee Availability

Employees can submit their availability and designate those days as Preferred, Available, or Unavailable, making it much clearer for the supervisor.

Allow employees to sign-up for open shifts.

Shift Signups

Allow employees to sign-up for open shifts. Approve automatically or approve manually based on order of submission, hours worked, or seniority.

Making a trade one Aladtec mobile


Employees can give away or swap shifts with other qualified personnel. Allow automatic approvals or supervisors can approve based on compliance rules.

Taking time off is easy with Aladtec.

Time Off

Choose to use as much or as little of the Time Off features in Aladtec. Track basic time off in the system or enable the Accruals feature where time off hours are automatically accrued throughout the year.

Aladtec software on desktop and mobile devices

Providing system customizations that fit your department needs

  • Manage overtime with defined work limits and rules
  • Set minimum staffing requirements and be alerted whenever violated
  • Choose which notifications to receive, including a 24-hour shift alert
  • Customize permission levels for supervisors and admins
  • Allow and track extra hours submitted by employees

“By switching to Aladtec I save at least 1 to 2 hours a day. Add that up, and it frees as many as 10 hours a week for me to concentrate on more important tasks. I really do like Aladtec. I don’t say that about a lot of products but this system has really made my job much more efficient. I would absolutely recommend Aladtec to other organizations; it’s a very good fit for our industry.”

Nate Lebeck, Operations Manager/Critical Care Flight ParamedicLife Link III, Minneapolis, Minnesota