Online Employee Scheduling
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Hospitality Worker Scheduling On iPad

Online Employee Scheduling

Online Employee Scheduling

Availability Submission

  • Allow employees to submit their availability for upcoming schedules
  • Availability may be designated as Preferred, Available, or Unavailable
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Manual Scheduling

  • Easily create and fill schedules based on employee availability, seniority, hours worked, etc.
  • Create and manage duty rosters and schedules much faster and more accurately than with spreadsheets, paper, or desktop scheduling applications
  • View schedules via seven available views including Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Pay Period views
  • Add special event and extra duty schedules
  • Track training classes, meetings, court appearances, and more
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Automatic/Template Scheduling

  • Automatic/template scheduling is available for a vast array of pre-configured rotations including 24/48, 48/96, Chicago Rotation, California Rotation, and many more
  • Add custom rotation templates from the simple to extraordinarily complex
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Shift Sign-Up

  • Allow employees to view and sign-up for open shifts
  • Allow sign-ups to be manually or automatically approved
  • Manual approvals are simplified by auto-sorting based on order of submission, hours worked, seniority, and more
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Overtime Scheduling & Tracking

  • Easily see which employees can be scheduled without going into overtime
  • Receive alerts when you're about to schedule somebody into overtime
  • Track a rotating overtime callback list to know who is next in line for overtime
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  • Allow employees to giveaway shifts to other qualified employees
  • Allow employees to swap shifts with other qualified employees
  • Allow automatic approval of trades based on compliance rules or require administrator approval
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Compliance Features

  • Establish maximum contiguous work hour limits
  • Establish maximum work hour limits per day, week, month, etc...
  • Ensure Union, FLSA, and internal compliance
  • Automatically ensure minimum training levels for scheduling, trades, and sign-ups
  • Increase fairness and transparency, reduce employee grievances and turnover, eliminate accusations of favoritism
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