Aladtec's Extreme Flexibility and Customization Options
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Extreme Flexibility

Extreme Flexibility

Access Levels

  • Allow groups of employees the ability to perform administrative functions based on roles
  • Restrict viewing of private data, allowing access only to high level members
  • Create an unlimited number of access levels for every variation of permissions
  • Set permissions to edit schedules, the member database, the forms builder, and virtually all other administrative editing features
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Work Groups

  • Create Work Groups with unique settings for Availability, Sign Ups, Trades and Work Limits
  • Allow full time members to exceed 40 hours per week, while part time employees require admin approval and/or a 30 hour limit
  • Allow one group to have sign ups and trades automatically approve, and another group require approval
  • Control notifications to send to admins only if certain employees submit a Trade or Sign Up requests
  • Grant different availability submission options for volunteer, paid or any type of employee
  • Create an unlimited number of Work Groups
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System Settings

  • Configure nearly every aspect of the system
  • Extensive options for schedules, including shift times, permissions, display settings, and automated publishing
  • Configure how and when employees trade shifts, how trade approval is administered, and limits to restrict trading between specific schedules, shift times, and time frames
  • Create any number of types of time off to account for all scenarios of paid and unpaid absences
  • Define earned vacation and sick time to automatically accrue
  • Set limits on work hours to avoid accidental overtime and meet full/part time rules
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User Settings

  • View schedules by day, week, month, or pay period and configure view options to fit specific needs
  • Only show the information that best suits your workflow, using comprehensive and easy to use filters
  • Easily view and customize reports on scheduled hours, member availability and time off in a variety of formats
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Custom Reports

  • Optional custom reports allow the creation of nearly endless report variations
  • Export reports to csv, MS Excel, and various payroll software
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Custom Payroll Integration

  • Custom payroll exports are available for nearly any payroll service including: ADP, Paychex, Paycom, Intuit, CompuPay, Sage, Centerpoint, and more

Back-end Settings

  • Aladtec can import member data in any format from other systems
  • Custom rotations can be built to account for all types of complex schedule repetitions
  • Switch between any number of Aladtec systems for employees who work at several services

API (application programming interface)

  • Integrate schedule data from Aladtec with third-party vendors to create unique solutions
  • Keep all data centralized to reduce errors
  • Build custom solutions to have complete control over schedule data and how it's used