Firefighter filling out an Aladtec customizable form on a mobile device.


Each form in Aladtec is a powerful tool which can be used to dramatically simplify and improve workforce management processes. With sophisticated user permissions and notifications, Aladtec forms eliminate the need for paper processes, manual routing, and stand alone applications. Every form automatically creates a data repository serving as a mechanism for advanced reporting and filtering.

Based on customers’ actual implemented forms, Aladtec has curated over two hundred Premade Forms, all available in the Form Configurator, as shown below. To strengthen workforce processes, choose an appropriate form and if desired, further customize the form to meet the unique needs of the organization. A check mark will be displayed making it easy to keep track of which forms have already been added into the system.

Featuring Over 200 Premade Forms to Start From

Apparatus Checklist

Aircraft Checklist
ALS Ambulance Checklist
Ambulance Mechanical Checklist
ATV / UTV Checklist
BLS Ambulance Checklist
Boat & Trailer Checklist

Boat Checklist
Engine & Ladder Checklist
Engine Calibration
Engine Checklist
Fire Boat Checklist
Fly Car Checklist

Medic Vehicle Checklist
Police Cruiser / SUV / Trucks Check
Truck Checklist
Wheelchair Transport Checklist

Clothing / Gear

Bunker Gear Wash Checklist
Clothing Order
Clothing Order for Special Event
Gear Order (Fire)

Respirator Fit Test
Turnout Gear Inspection – Detailed
Turnout Gear Inspection – Summarized
Turnout Gear Lost or Damaged

Turnout Gear Request
Turnout Gear Return Checklist
Uniform Order (Law Enforcement)
Wildland Gear Checklist


Burn Permit Request
Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation
Child Restraint System Check
Community Project Log

Festival – Fire Safety Checklist
Post-Event Feedback
Post-Event Log (EMS)
Pre-Event Checklist

Public Education / Event Request
Ride Along Agreement / Waiver
Smoke Detector Installation


Education – Request for Approval
Education – Request for Reimbursement
Meal Claims
Mileage Reimbursement Request

Purchase Order – Detailed
Purchase Order – Division Request
Purchase Order – Summarized
Travel  Reimbursement Request – Detailed

Travel Reimbursement Request – Summarized
Vehicle Crash Details


COVID-19 Screening
Evaluation for Respirator Use
Fitness Training Session
Hepatitis Vaccination

Illness Self-Screening
Physical Activity Log
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q+)
Quarantine Symptom Tracking – Detailed

Quarantine Symptom Tracking – Summarized
Vaccination Declination
Vaccination Request

Human Resources

Call-Taking Evaluation for Trainee (Dispatch)
Career Development (Law Enforcement)
Coaching for Specific Incident
Commendation Nomination (EMS)
Commendation Nomination (Fire)
Commendation Nomination (Law Enforcement)
Daily Observation (Dispatch)
Disability Accomodation Request
Disciplinary Action
Employee of the Month Nomination
EMT Student Self Evaluation

Grievance Log
Injury on Duty
Interview Questions
Leader Evaluation
Payroll / Benefits Change Request
Peer Recognition
Performance Evaluation
Performance Improvement Plan
Performance Review
Performance Review (Dispatch)
Performance Review (Fire / EMS)

Performance Review – Employee & Supervisor
Professional Behavior Evaluation
Proficiency Evaluation (Fire)
Progressive Discipline
Remediation Details
Response Evaluation for New Employee
Self Review
Suggestion for Improvement
Time Sheet
Vote for Employee of the Year

Incident Logs

After Action Review – Detailed
After Action Review – Summarized
Animal Accident Log
Animal Bite Log
Animal Destruction Log
Cell Phone Trace Request
End of Call Summary (EMS)

Exposure Log (EMS)
Exposure Log – Carbon Monoxide
Exposure Log – COVID-19
Exposure Log – Detailed (Fire)
Exposure Log – Summarized (Fire)
Fire Investigation
Incident Log

Near Miss Log
Special Procedures Log
Use of Force – Detailed (Law Enforcement)
Use of Force – Summarized (Law Enforcement)
Use of Taser (Law Enforcement)


Apartment Inspection
Building Inspection – Detailed
Building Inspection – Summarized
Building Risk Assessment
Burnt Building Inspection
Carbon Monoxide Inspection
Court Officer’s Inspection Checklist
Dry Hydrant Inspection

Fire Hose Inspection
Fire Prevention Referral
Fire Safety Inspection
Fireworks Stand Inspection
Food Truck Inspection
Hydrant Flow Test
Hydrant Inspection
Investigation Consent

Life Safety Rope Inspection
Map Correction Request
Obstructed Sightline Log
Pre-Plan Checklist
Signage Missing / Damaged Report
Station Inspection Checklist
Station Safety Inspection
Street Light Inspection

Medical Supplies

ALS Checklist
ALS Oxygen Bag
BLS Checklist
Controlled Substance Administration
Controlled Substance Base Transfer Form

Controlled Substance Inventory
Controlled Substance Waste Log
Drug Box
Drug Inventory In
Drug Inventory Out

High Alert Medication Audit
Neonatal Bag
Pediatric Bag

Onboarding / Offboarding

Benefits Enrollment
Exit Interview
New Staff Member Evaluation (EMS)

Orientation Checklist (EMS)
Orientation Checklist (Fire)
Orientation Checklist (Law Enforcement)

Orientation Evaluation (Fire / EMS)
Orientation Evaluation for New EMT

Shift Logs

Activity Log (Dispatch)
Activity Log (EMS)
Activity Log (Fire)
Activity Log (Law Enforcement)
Administrative Assistant Status Log
Administrative Shift Log
Bike Patrol Log
Call Delay Log

Charge Nurse Checklist Log
Court Appearance Log
Desk Officer’s Shift Log
Detention’s Pass Down Log
Driver’s Activity Log
Leader Shift Log
Nightly DUI Log
Pilot Briefing

Pilot Flight Log
Pilot Post Flight Debrief
Shift Checklist (Dispatch)
Shift Log (Dispatch)
Shift Log (EMS)
Shift Log (Fire)
Shift Log (Law Enforcement)
Supervisor Status Log

Station Duties

Arrest Data Collection
Beginning of Shift Duties
Daily Action Plan
Detention’s Plan of the Day

Domestic Supply Request
Office Supplies Request
Safety Inspection
Station Chore List

Station Supply Checklist
Tailgate Discussion Details
Winter Shoveling Checklist

Work Orders

Apparatus Work Order
Bicycle Maintenance
Body Cam Work Order
Building Work Order
Communication Maintenance

Electronics Work Order
Equipment (Hose, Fans, TIC, Tools, Nozzles, etc.)
Fire Extinguisher Work Order
Fire Hydrant Visability Work Order
Fire Hydrant Work Order

HVAC Work Order
Key/Code/Fob Work Order
Personal Protective Equipment Work Order
Radio Repair Work Order
Taser Work Order