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View Individual Member Reports

Member Reports

Access system information about a member’s scheduled shifts, time off used, available PTO hours, trade history, work qualifications and more.  

Track schedules with Scheduling Reports

Scheduling Reports

Run reports on both scheduled hours and time clock punches. Apply filters to sort by member or to show only overtime shifts.  

Forms Reports

Compare current and past submissions of a form. Several filters can be applied to limit fields shown, identify who hasn’t submitted a form, or save custom filtered reports.

Automatically calculate approved Trade Hours

Trade Reports

View a history of trades made in the system. See who picks up extra shifts and who often gives shifts away.  

View different reports

Change Requests

Inspect both upcoming and past offers for sign-ups, trades, extra hours, and time off. Requests can be approved or denied in one convenient place. 

Track everything happening in the Aladtec system

System Log

See a record of every action taken within the system, detailing when the action was taken and by whom. 

Aladtec software on desktop and mobile devices

Providing system customizations that fit your department needs

  • Easily export data or utilize integration features for payroll, dashboards, and more
  • Restrict access to reporting tools based on access level
  • Save and share custom filtered reports
  • System time-date stamping ensures fair and transparent sign-ups and overtime

"Our Aladtec system allows us to seamlessly schedule for shifts, even if crew members are out of town. Even turning in reports for payroll processing is a breeze thanks to Aladtec."

Rob Osmond, EMT-P, Ambulance Service PresidentSeneca Volunteer Ambulance, Seneca, Illinois