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Aladtec simplifies complex scheduling chores whether your 911 Center operates with straight shifts, or elaborate rotations. And other features streamline comm center workflow and eliminate paper.
  • Alert only qualified dispatchers and officers to open shifts, special staffing, or events via text and e-mail. Leaders approve or deny time-off or trade requests, and those affected see the decision in seconds via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
  • System logs with time and date stamping provide an airtight audit trail for all actions, ensuring accountability and improving team morale through transparency.
  • Store, track and monitor expirations for officer certifications, licenses, and training. Your department will always be in compliance.
  • Sophisticated reporting functions help manage department overtime, accruals, and account balances.
  • E-forms speed up internal sign-offs, authorizations, and checklists. Members can attach and upload files. Notifications assure the correct manager receives them immediately.
Test-drive our platform and discover why more than 2,000 Public Safety agencies across North America currently use Aladtec.

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