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Standard Self-Serve Demo

Submit the form below and start using Aladtec for Fire / Rescue within a few minutes.  Login as a manager and learn how robust and configurable the system is.  Login as an employee and experience the speed and ease of use.

A Sample Fire / Rescue Configuration
This Fire / Rescue configuration reflects a fire and rescue service with 40 members. It demonstrates a one station schedule with 24/7 full-time, part-time, and volunteer coverage with 24- and 12-hour shifts. You can test the convenience of how members and officers can apply for an open shift, call-off, request PTO and shift swaps.  It includes a few sample forms like a Drug Box Inventory, an End of Shift report, and a Weekly Vehicle Check.

A robust “Help” section provides advice and videos to help configure Aladtec for your own unique needs.  We’re always available by phone or email if you need additional assistance.

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    Custom Guided Tour

    If your department is larger, considerably different than our sample configuration, or you’d simply prefer the human touch, our System Specialists can configure a system to meet your unique employee scheduling and workforce management needs.

    We can set up your member database, schedules, work groups, access levels, and work rules.  We can build out recurring schedules, replicate your frequently used forms, and much more.

    There is no charge for a Custom Guided Tour because once you see what we have to offer, we know you’ll see the value.  Then it’s just a matter of time before you become an Aladtec customer.

    To get started, send a note to or call 888.749.5550.  We’ll take the time to understand your unique needs, then we’ll set up and configure your system, and show you the features.  When you’re ready, you’ll get ‘behind the wheel’ and experience for yourself the benefits of a real live Aladtec Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management System.

    Firefighter using Aladtec software on a mobile device