User discussing Aladtec scheduling


At Aladtec, we want to earn your business, but only if our system is right for you. So the question is, what’s the best way to determine if we’re a good match. In addition to our free demo, we have provided testimonials from our current customers. These people were in the same situation you are in, before they switched to Aladtec’s employee scheduling and workforce management system. They made the switch and they’re happy they did – we think you will be too.

“We were starting to have increasing problems with the support staff agreeing to work for two different people on the same day because we didn’t have a centralized scheduling system. In addition, I have also heard from the support staff that they love that they now have the ability to integrate their work schedules at the college with their other work calendars (outlook, icalendar, etc). They also like getting the email and text announcements about open shifts and the reminders for upcoming shifts. Personally, I also appreciate that I can communicate with all of them, or just some of them, with a single click and not have to pull up email addresses – which took forever!”

Patrick Anderson, EMS Program Director
Madison College, Madison, Wisconsin


“As an organization, I estimate we’re saving about 100 hours a month by using Aladtec. Gaining all these hours allows us to dedicate more time to a variety of important civic duties, resulting in a positive impact on the communities we serve. It also saves us a LOT of hassle, we find the system very user friendly and the entire staff loves it. Aladtec is really a one-stop-shop. The mobile functionality makes it accessible to everyone all the time, which is perfect for our volunteer and part-time staff. The Forms feature is great, and we use it for many documents – such as time cards, vehicle maintenance, daily checks, award nominations, and more. The staff loves not having to use paper forms anymore. Aladtec is amazing, compounded by the genuinely great people working there.”

Landon Churchill, Engineer/EMT
Colorado River Fire Rescue, Rifle, Colorado


“By switching to Aladtec I save at least 1 to 2 hours a day. Add that up, and it frees as many as 10 hours a week for me to concentrate on more important tasks. I really do like Aladtec. I don’t say that about a lot of products but this system has really made my job much more efficient. I would absolutely recommend Aladtec to other organizations; it’s a very good fit for our industry,”

Nate Lebeck, Operations Manager/Critical Care Flight Paramedic
Life Link III, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“We comparison shopped and found no other company really offered the same features we needed like Aladtec does. We have several departments and are a 24 hour service, this is why Aladtec is such a good fit. Most other scheduling programs are tailored to an office environment not a business which needs to be staffed around the clock. We now keep all our forms within our Aladtec system. We use the Forms feature for incident reports, position changes, reimbursement submissions and IT requests. I estimate Aladtec will save us up to $9,000 a year in scheduling associated labor costs.”

Jayde Quigley, COO
The Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota (AERC)


“We’ve been able to cut our overtime costs by about $10,000 per month (around 30%) since we began using Aladtec!”

Matt Leicester, former EMS Captain
Johnston County EMS, Smithfield, North Carolina


“We looked at numerous programs and kept coming back to yours for the variety of functions and ease of use. I didn’t have to hold any “in-services” to get our employees up and running. They got a password and they were off! Very intuitive, easy to use and I am thrilled with the personalized service that we received. You were able to meet all our goals in a unforgivably short timeline and you met the challenge beyond our expectations. I will be passing the word along, especially to services that I KNOW are using less capable systems for twice the price! I can’t express enough how happy we are with your service.”

Jennifer Lyon, Operations Supervisor
Valley EMS, Oxford, Connecticut


“We began using Aladtec about 6 months ago. Prior to using it, I spent a LOT of time dealing with trade requests from members. Now they take care of their own trades. It’s also very easy to check the schedule from anywhere. We’ll never go back to paper scheduling!”

Dale Dow, Deputy Chief
Fitch Rona Fire and EMS, Fitchburg/Verona, Wisconsin


“The Aladtec system is excellent. We started using the system for our volunteer service in February 2007, it no longer takes a full week to fill the next weeks schedule and it has significantly reduced the number of phone calls and recalls in trying to get the schedule filled for each week. Our crew members can get online from anywhere and fill in their availability or sign up on the schedule at any time. The staff at Aladtec can make specific changes that are needed to fit any type of service, be it a volunteer, part paid or full paid service. I highly recommend the Aladtec System.”

Rodney Tidwell NREMT-P, EMS Administrator
Post-Garza Co. EMS, Post, Texas


“Our Aladtec system has greatly reduced the number of hours that used to be spent making calls and filling shifts.”

Jim Baldauf, District Director/Training Director
Cambridge EMS, Cambridge, Wisconsin


“Everything is going great with our Aladtec system. I really can’t imagine trying to manage our service without it!”

Dink Nichols, EMS Director
Sutton County EMS, Sonora, Texas


“Using Aladtec eliminates the human-error factor we once had of under or over-staffing members or stations. We have always allowed shift swaps within the pay week, but some staff had trouble finding someone to switch. This is now an automated feature, and the system requires staff to adhere to the rules. Aladtec is a proven tool we cannot afford to work without.”

Andrew Blackwood, EMS Sergeant
Queen Anne’s County DES, Centreville, Maryland


“Pocahontas Community Hospital has been using Aladtec for online scheduling for nearly one year now and we are huge fans of your product. It really has made life much better and has allowed more of us to focus on patient care rather than scheduling.”

Marcus Knudson, PhD(c), MSN, RN


“We believe that we will save over 200 hours a year. Aladtec will save us money by reducing the number of hours a year spent on working on the schedule, thus allowing us to use those hours in other areas.”

Brian Allen, MS, EMT-IT, NREMT-B & EMS Administrator
Southwest Health EMS – (formerly Platteville EMS), Platteville, Wisconsin


“Aladtec also allows me to easily control overtime. For the first time ever, I was able to run an entire month’s schedule with NO scheduled OT, this saved us about 25 hours of overtime.”

Koren V. Kanadanian, Director of Emergency Management
Providence College EMS, Providence, Rhode Island


“Recently, I had two teams in the air when a third request came in. I simply sent out a request through our Aladtec system and had a team ready to go in just minutes. If we would have been using our old method of scheduling we couldn’t have accepted the transport request in a timely manner.”

Micky Neilan, RN and EMS Director
Medical Air Rescue Company, Rapid City, South Dakota


“We appreciate Aladtec’s ability to allow us to notify all employees at the same time of upcoming education and training sessions. And, the mobile web app allows us to fill shifts, approve time off, and approve or deny trades all from the palm of our hand. We no longer have to be in front of a computer to do this. Aladtec is a lifesaver for our agency.”

Craig Johnson, Director
Benzie County EMS, Benzie County, MI


“Since choosing Aladtec, we now we save at least 20 hours every week in scheduling related labor. We have it set so the employees can sign up for the days they want to work and after the 25th of the month I take about 30 minutes to make any necessary changes, if needed, and it’s done.”

Terry Robison, Squad Lt
M&M Fire Department, McConnelsville, OH


“What we like about Aladtec is: the ability to set-up repeats and rotations; the ability for staff to enter in time off; their ability to pick-up shifts with little management involvement; and the ability to access our schedule through the Internet from anywhere at any time.”

Carl Homa, Operations Manager
Temple Health System Transport Team, Inc., Philadelphia, PA


“So far the program has been an incredible addition to our service, staff has responded very positively to it, and it’s made my life as the designated ‘scheduling guru’ a whole lot easier.”

Mike Feuerhak, former EMT-B
Adams Area Ambulance, Adams, Minnesota


“Nate, This system is awesome and has been a tremendous burden lifted off the staff. We appreciate it and plan to continue to use it in the years to come. Thanks!”

Robert Hingst, EMS Director
Sumter County EMS, Sumter, South Carolina


“I looked at a handful of online scheduling programs including [two of your main competitors] and found Aladtec to be my favorite AND cost far less than the others.”

Don Harnisch, Chief
Nekoosa Ambulance Service, Nekoosa, Wisconsin


“I love it. It saves me a ton of time. It’s the best investment I’ve made!”

Andrew Ochoa, EMT-P
Shallowater EMS, Lubbock County, Texas


“Our Aladtec system allows us to seamlessly schedule for shifts, even if crew members are out of town. Even turning in reports for payroll processing is a breeze thanks to Aladtec.”

Rob Osmond, EMT-P, Ambulance Service President
Seneca Volunteer Ambulance, Seneca, Illinois


“Oregon Area Fire/EMS District has used our Aladtec system for approximately ten months and has found it very beneficial and cost effective for scheduling staff for both fire and EMS. Aladtec allows an open line of communication between staff and supervisors while being accessible from any internet capable computer. Non-career staff utilizes this program daily to fill open shifts and to keep current with department events. The customer service is first class. Aladtec provided excellent on-site training, program customization to our department’s needs and has always been accessible for questions. Aladtec is a great tool and serves our department very well.”

Capt. Tony P. Antoniewicz
Oregon Area Fire/EMS District, Oregon, Wisconsin


“With our Aladtec system we are now able to assure that we have full coverage. The features that it has are fabulous and very easy to use. Being able to make a trade with a click of a button and keeping all squad members updated on the message board are great. Customer service is outstanding and they listen to any ideas for updates you may have. Wonderful product!!!”

Brenda Young, QI Analyst – Quality Improvement
Kindred Area Ambulance Service, Kindred, North Dakota


“This system has made scheduling so much easier. It’s great to be able to put ALL the information my squad members need online, for them to read. I thought at first there is NO way my members will figure this out, I was wrong. GREAT SYSTEM –I HAVE RECOMMENDED IT TO MANY OTHER AMBULANCE MANAGERS……..Thanks!”

Pat Lee, EMT
Lake County Ambulance Service, Two Harbors, Minnesota


“We are very happy with the checks and balances associated with the vacation and shift trade requests too. The Aladtec software is very simple to use and provides volumes of information for planning and reporting purposes. Implementation took us less than a week.”

Adam Harrell, President
Halifax County Rescue Squad Inc., Halifax, Virginia


“Our overtime has been cut by 50% since we started using Aladtec a year ago. Our OT went from 4,000 hours last year to 2,000 this year. That is a huge financial savings for our agency.”

Anthony Tucci, Deputy Chief
Western Berks EMS, Reading, Pennsylvania


“We tried demos from three different companies and chose Aladtec based on its ease of use and the great tech support we discovered during the demo phase. In addition, to say our old system left a large carbon footprint is an understatement. We have finally come into the 21st century and it is wonderful.”

Tim Holman, Deputy Chief
Danville Life Saving Crew, Danville, Virginia


“Our old spreadsheet method did not allow for individual employee schedule changes without involving managers/schedulers. The option of empowering the employee to self-submit availability, make trades, and request vacation/time off makes Aladtec the best system for our company. The system allows the employee to submit their availability and take ownership in the scheduling process, thus making for a more consistent and fair schedule for all.”

Dominic Pomponio RN, CFRN Region 3 Director
Life Flight Network, Aurora, OR


“What I like best about the Aladtec system is all the options the system has and the fact that I can customize it to fit our department’s needs. I feel the system is more of an all around management tool; it’s not just scheduling software. On average I save ten hours a week doing payroll and scheduling. Those 40 hours a month I save enables me to focus more on recruitment and community outreach.”

Troy Schuler, Chief of Ambulance Operations
Roanoke Municipal Ambulance, Roanoke, IL


“Scheduling a staff large enough to deal with the medical issues of the daily crowd at the Minnesota State Fair ranges from 100,000 to over 200,000 people, requires a pool of 71 personnel – including RN’s, paramedics and EMT’s. Creating and managing the schedule, which is made up of 24 – six hour shifts per day. From my perspective the mobile aspect of the Aladtec system is really great. It gives me a chance to keep my thumb on the pulse of what’s going on with the schedule wherever I happen to be – whether I’m at my office, at home or at the fair. As an administrator, when I get schedule change requests, I can approve them immediately from wherever I am. As for the staff, the system allows them to put in shift trade requests right from their mobile device.”

David Radatz, EMS Specialist
Regions Hospital EMS, St. Paul, Minnesota


“We have 54 firefighters from ages 18-60. Not all of them are comfortable with computers, but they were all able to be trained on Aladtec and easily transitioned to the new scheduling program. Every firefighter at our department is able to use this program and it was easy to implement.”

Kristin Wexell, Administrative Assistant
Braidwood Fire Department, Braidwood, Illinois


“As always what you get out of a system is what you put into it. We had our first large scale test of the capacity of Aladtec when we opened up signups for our staffing related to the North Carolina State Fair. What used to take us weeks to figure out staffing for was done in less than 30 minutes.”

Shevais M. Shrum, Lieutenant
Western Wake Fire Rescue, Raleigh, North Carolina


“The Aladtec program is great! We are really enjoying this… even the less computer savvy people like it.”

Troy D. Holliday, Captain
Grand Traverse Metro Emergency Services Authority, Traverse City, Michigan


“Things continue to be working a lot more efficiently than the old way. I continue to be excited about the “mobile” version as well. I think we ended up putting the new schedule out in about 20 minutes. In the past it would have taken a good 2-3 hours!”

Denny Powell, Assistant Chief
Miami Township Fire-Rescue, Yellow Springs, Ohio


“Everything is running very nicely. Our staff has bought into the system and it has saved our captains significant time covering shifts.”

Shane Christensen, Fire Chief
Leduc Fire Services, Leduc, Alberta


“It has become very popular as our notification tool as well as for sharing information and schedule…everyone likes it.”

Dan MacDonald, Fire Chief
New Boston Fire Department, New Boston, New Hampshire


“Tracking out trades, swaps of shifts, was the primary reason we recently subscribed to Aladtec. Tracking certifications with Aladtec will be a big help also.”

Martin Greene, CFO EMT-P, Fire Chief
Bourne Fire & Rescue, Buzzards Bay, MA


“Several other departments were using Aladtec and they were happy with the ease of use. I was unable to find another product that could do the job that Aladtec does. The other systems were too complex.”

Greg Migacz, Lieutenant and IT Administrator
Fox Lake Fire Protection District, Fox Lake, Illinois


“I can now send an email, or text, to all our members instantaneously. Before, I had to send each email and each text individually to our 31 members, which took a lot of time. We are very happy we chose Aladtec, it saves us time and money.”

Scott A. Friess, Fire Chief
Somerset Township Fire & EMS, Somerset Center, Michigan


“Aladtec is easy to access for myself and our department personnel from any location – either by computer or smartphone. In the past this was not the case. The mobile web app is how the Chief and I keep on top of sign up and time off requests almost 100% of the time. Our career paid staff and volunteer reserves use the app almost exclusively as well. We all love the constant mobile access of Aladtec.”

Lt. Jim “Pops” Reed, District Fire Marshal and Firefighter/Paramedic
Strasburg Fire Protection Dist. #8, Strasburg, CO


“When Chad told me I won’t know how I lived without this service, I was like ya ok, some more sales talk. But after living with the service for a while and adding payroll, he was right. I don’t know what I would do without Aladtec.”

Tim Murray, Ambulance Chairman
Boothwyn Fire Company, Marcus Hook, PA


“We reduced scheduling time by at least 12 hours for each schedule and we cut our payroll processing time by approximately 100 hours every month because we are able to export the payroll data from Aladtec’s Fire Manager. Also, the accuracy of our payroll increased, since we weren’t keying in the payroll data by hand anymore. Employees are much happier when they’re getting paid the correct amount and bosses are happier when you’re not overpaying people!”

Mike Majercik, Battalion Chief
McHenry Township Fire Protection District, Illinois


“With Aladtec, I can log-in from home, or anywhere else, to manage our schedule. Staff likes the ability to request time off and see what station they are assigned to by accessing the system from their smartphone.”

James E, Hartung, Captain
Twinsburg Fire Dept., Twinsburg, OH


“We save at least two to three hours everyday. That adds up to between 60 and 90 hours a month! Probably half of that time is saved by not having to fill overtime slots by calling, texting or emailing. With Aladtec, we send out a shift availability notice and staff can pick-up the shift from wherever they are through the Internet. We can see when they last worked overtime, so we can quickly and easily choose who gets the OT shift. Now, we have almost gone completely paperless in our daily work…and, we are saving a lot of trees!”

Chad Williams, Lieutenant
Woodstock Fire/Rescue District, Woodstock, Illinois


“We made the change to an online system because we were spending way too much time on spreadsheet scheduling and we needed a better, simpler way to complete the process. Aladtec was the answer for us. Before with a spreadsheet, shifts were sometimes missed because someone missed seeing a shift on one of the many schedules they had to look at. Another thing we did not like was when someone wanted to make a trade they relied on us, as management, to make it happen. Switching to Aladtec changed all that.”

Brennan Conner, Operations Manager
APS, Pleasant Grove, Utah

“There’s also a whole lot of schedule changing that goes on with our EMS staff. With Aladtec – our staff can simply put in a trade request and then I can approve it, or deny it, with the touch of a button within the system. The advantage of Aladtec’s mobile web app is that it allows employees and administrators schedule access, anytime and anywhere, on our smartphone or laptop. Frequently, I’m not at the office and I’m able to easily address the change or trade request on my phone, and take care of the schedule from wherever I am – just as easily as I can in my office.”

David Radatz, EMS Specialist
Regions Hospital EMS, St. Paul, Minnesota


“Finding a workforce management system that’s easy to use was our main focus. Our employee’s ages range from 20 somethings to 50 somethings and that leaves a large difference in their level of computer education. Aladtec is ideal because it’s user friendly for all levels of computer capabilities. We tried the free trial and immediately saw the advantages of the system’s online schedule, customizable forms, various reporting options and a number of other valuable features. By using the Forms feature we can quickly access information we know is reliable. It eliminates paper expenses and it eliminates the chance that any given form will be misplaced. This feature also provides a one-stop-shop to get a form when it’s needed, without having to go to the station to pick one up or dig around to find the most current version of it. Any and all changes to a form, and all new forms, can be seen as soon as they are released. There isn’t any wait or any need to make a stack of copies to be passed out before they can be used.”

Susan Cabot, Secretary
Austintown Fire Department, Youngstown, Ohio


“We only employ part-time employees and Aladtec fits perfectly because we allow our staff to submit their availability and then I’m able to build our schedule monthly. We have also moved all our forms online. We can now fill out, submit, review and store our Hose Inventory, Apparatus Work Orders, Equipment Work Orders, Fire Prevention Requests, Hydrant Repair Requests, Medical Supply Requests, SCBA Work Orders, and Shift Pass Along forms all within our Aladtec system. The forms can be filled out and submitted from our smartphones or iPads.”

Steven Parrish, Assistant Fire Chief
Cumberland Road Fire Department, Fayetteville, N.C.


“If you take one supervisor working on the schedule to create and fill overtime, approve leave, add in sick leave, etc. for 4 hours per shift from each squad that would equal out to 56 hours – that’s 800 hours a year – or 20 work weeks! After switching to Aladtec we’ve reduced the time spent scheduling by 16 hours a week. Aladtec’s time savings also allows for the ability to work further ahead in the schedule therefore getting overtime filled earlier and resulting in more notice for forced OT.”

Kristina Russell, Shift Supervisor
Charleston County Consolidated 9-1-1 Center in North Charleston, South Carolina


“We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We are looking forward to doing business with you in the years to come.”

William Brookshaw, EMS Director
Ellsworth Area Ambulance Service, Ellsworth, Wisconsin


“Just a note to let you know this product is just what we have been looking for. It fits our operation just like a glove. If I didn’t know better I would swear it was written just for us. It is extremely easy to use and has saved me hours of work in scheduling and payroll. Your staff has been great to work with as well, the setup and transition from paper schedules was very smooth and easy. Thanks again.”

Von Johnson, EMS Coordinator
Uintah Basin Medical Center, Roosevelt, Utah


“I still can’t tell you how much easier/efficient your program has made my life and our service. Thanks again!”

Russ Perkins, EMS Director
Idalou EMS, Idalou, Texas


“Thanks for your immediate help answering questions and setting up our Aladtec program to fit the needs of our squad. The program has been very helpful to us and we are finding that we are getting better coverage of our hours because of the ease of being able to sign-up at any time, anywhere, versus having to come to the station, look at the schedule, and decide what hours to select. Since we do not have mandatory assigned times to standby for calls, the ease of the computer sign-up really helps out.

Another problem that we had before starting with Aladtec, was people erasing their hours at the last minute, and not finding someone else to cover for them. This problem no longer exists since they can not erase once they sign-up on-line. The on-line request for trade works very well. Often people receive a reply only moments after requesting a trade.

In polling the membership at the last meeting, the response was 100% favorable after only the first two months of using this program. I (we) would recommend Aladtec to any squad using a voluntary or mandatory sign-up system for their members. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering this program.”

Lt. Roy Rockwell
Whitewater Rescue Squad, Whitewater, Wisconsin


“I strongly encourage all managers to give the program a try. Scheduling takes less time, is more organized than having papers all over the desk, tracks EMT hours, and the EMT’s love it!”

Craig Nelson, EMS Chief
Baldwin Ambulance Service, Baldwin, Wisconsin


“We have been exceptionally pleased with our Aladtec system since we implemented it last Fall. Thank you for not only providing a superior product, but ongoing support that is timely, professional, and knowledgeable.”

Terry Stock, former Assistant Director
Oldham County EMS, Buckner, Kentucky


“Aladtec is more than a scheduling resource; there are forums, libraries and a member database allowing for easy staff interaction and information. The initial setup was easy and using it is a breeze. The program truly does what it is designed to do and we don’t know how we managed so long without it.”

Bruce Hoffman, Training Officer
Ellington Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Ellington, Connecticut


“Aladtec has allowed us to improve communication within the department, integrate various components of the operation and has helped us to be a better EMS service. Since we started using Aladtec the schedule nearly takes care of itself. Taking into account the hours saved with Aladtec it is nearly free to us.”

Lynn Clements, EMT-P
West Feliciana Parish Hospital EMS, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana


“Aladtec is a proven partner to The Emergency Medical Service and Public Safety Community, without hesitation they committed to helping our brothers and sisters in service with no restrictions or time limits on their Aladtec System donation. I am proud to have such a great company as a partner.”

Jason Page, Strike Team Tango and PAEMT-B
Operation Shore Rescue, Pennsylvania EMS Strike Team Tango, Pennsylvania


“I chose Aladtec because I really liked the functions of the system and it’s really user friendly. It’s a subscription based system with no additional, or hidden, fees. This made the system an easy sell to our administrative team. Over the course of a year I suspect we will save the equivalent of one full-time salaried position, and allow that staff member to complete other administrative tasks.”

Douglas E. Bitner, Assistant Chief
Holy Spirit EMS – South Division, Camp Hill, PA


“Employee Scheduling for us used to be a part-time job by itself. But with Aladtec I got the entire month of March scheduled in just a couple of hours. I am also very excited about the the accountability that the time clock integration is going to offer us.”

Scott Sigerfoos, Lead Paramedic Supervisor
Multi-Township EMS, Warsaw, Indiana


“It used to take me 24-72 hours to find coverage for an open shift. Now I just send the Find Coverage request through our Aladtec system and I have people wanting to pick up that shift within about 5 minutes.”

Mike Kiser, Field Supervisor
Anniston EMS, Anniston, Alabama


“I cannot express how easy this product is to use, and how quickly our requests have always been handled. Changes are SO much easier to face with your product. THANKS Aladtec!”

Edna Kline, EMT-P
Northwest EMS, Inc, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


“I am grateful for this scheduler — I don’t want to go back to our old system ever.”

Stew Schmidt, Manager
Maskwacis Ambulance Authority, Hobbema, Alberta


“I am amazed at how simple and easy the Aladtec system is. The time savings is unbelievable. I cut my phone calling time into a third of what it used to be. The sign up feature is so easy, on any computer, anywhere that you have computer access. The response from our team is “we really like it”. I like the report function also, at the end of the month your hours are totaled for you. Nate has been great with introducing this program to us. It is time effective and very inexpensive. We love it.”

Deb Klages, former Lieutenant
Pecatonica Fire Protection District, Pecatonica, Illinois


“Aladtec has cut our scheduling time nearly in half, it has allowed our trades to be monitored more efficiently and cut down the headache of scheduling dramatically. Nate and the entire staff have been prompt in answering our questions and correcting any problems that have arose. Great system!”

Chris Heaton, Captain
Springfield Township Fire Department, Springfield, Ohio


“Before Aladtec, preparing our monthly schedule was a nightmare. Thanks to this on-line scheduling system, I don’t have to juggle 15-20 pieces of paper to finish the schedule. Everyone is able to log onto the system from their homes to put in their availabilities and to check on schedule updates. I’m very happy to be using Aladtec.”

Cam A. Baer, Chief
Yellow Breeches EMS, Inc, Mt. Holly Springs, Pennsylvania


“I really enjoy the ease of use with our Aladtec system. If a member wants to just work Mondays and Thursdays, we just put it in once and he’s set for two years. If employees want to trade shifts, they can go into the system and make the trade without me having to doing it. And, the system flags members whose certifications are coming up so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Tim Shaw, Fire Chief
Addison Fire & EMS, Addison, Michigan


“We rate things price-wise, based on “how many calls will it take” to pay for any expenditure. In our case, with just a few routine calls Aladtec has paid for itself for the entire year. It really does give us the most program for our money and we know it will accommodate us as we continue to grow and as regulations continue to change.”

Matt Morrow, Assistant Captain
East Allen Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Allentown, Pennsylvania


“We do save a lot of time with Aladtec, but the savings in time doesn’t compare to the stress reduction from scheduling the old way – on a calendar. Now I can even create and change the schedule from my mobile phone or tablet; I don’t have to be at work to do it.”

Chad LaMonda, EMT-P/Assistant Superintendent
Randolph County Ambulance District, Moberly, Missouri


“Aladtec basically built me a system that suits our service perfectly. Previously, we used paper and pencil to make the schedule. The system saves us 10 hours a week, that’s 40 hours a month. Aladtec basically took all the paperwork out of scheduling and out of our daily operations. Also, I believe the system will save us upwards of $5000.00 annually in unplanned overtime costs.”

Jamey Mills, Major
Ambulance Inc. of Laurel County, London, KY


“I think one of the most popular things about the Aladtec system for our organization is the fact that anyone with a smartphone can easily look at the schedule at any time, and the system also automatically updates their Outlook calendar. Since Aladtec is a subscription based product it meant we were still able to afford it after our budget had already been set. We didn’t have to wait until the next year to plan for it. The system is certainly expertly written and very easy to use.”

Captain George Bell
Fountain EMS, Fountain, North Carolina


“With Aladtec we have versatility with mobile and desktop access, it serves as a repository for many departmental documents and policies – as well as drastically improving the way we handle scheduling our staff. Aladtec’s tech support set our system up so that we are sure to meet our obligations regarding our labor agreement.”

J. Paul Davis, Chief of EMS
Adams County Ambulance & EMS, Quincy, Illinois


“Your system has saved us numerous hours. Now we don’t have to spend our time calling members to help fill the open hours on the schedule. I swear by Aladtec and would never use anything else!”

Ann Fry-Blank, System Administrator
Hartford Fire & Rescue, Hartford, Wisconsin


“Aladtec gives us so many benefits. The time saved is only part of it; it gives us accuracy and security. It prevents duplicate schedules. It’s always up to date, allows more accurate accounting of payroll, and eliminates unforeseen gaps in manpower which lead to higher overtime costs.”

Joe Fleming, Assistant Fire Chief
Broadview Heights Fire Department, Broadview Heights, Ohio


“The Aladtec messaging feature allows me to target just the members of the department who actively participate in our fill-in schedule. If I need to get a quick message to those members, I can send out a message and they’ll receive it either as a text or email, depending on their own preferences.”

Meredith Shelton, Business Manager
Fitchburg Fire Department, Fitchburg, Wisconsin and Vice President of the Wisconsin Fire Service Administrative Association


“Aladtec allows us to configure our schedule exactly to what we need. I save countless hours on shift trades, giveaways and OT coverage.”

Patrick Myers, Assistant Fire Chief
Lawrenceburg Fire Department, Lawrenceburg, Indiana


“We are an 85 percent volunteer fire department so the savings Aladtec offers us in terms of time and effort is very large. We average 50 volunteers, with nine paid staff and the ability for them to sign up for shifts online from their home, office or their smartphone is working great. In our department, we all access our Aladtec system through the mobile web app at least as much, or more, than through our desktop computers. Our members like having the ability to schedule their shifts on the go.”

David Moore, Fire Chief
Winterville Fire-Rescue-EMS, Winterville, NC


“Your company was my life-saver. My hat is off to your company; good job everyone!”

Gene Powell, Former Chief
Eastern Pines Fire & Rescue/EMS, Greenville, North Carolina


“The Aladtec program so far is operating well with really no complaints. It’s 1000 times better then the program we were using.”

Mark Hart, Battalion Chief
White River Township Fire Department, Greenwood, IN


“We did evaluate other options and decided to choose Aladtec. The pricing structure played a role in choosing Aladtec, as did the turn-key deployment. Our review showed the pricing to be fair and reasonable. Recognizing the direction of wireless technology, we also wanted a solution that could be used with smartphones and other mobile devices.”

Eric Gerhardt, Administrative Manager
SDCFA, San Diego, California


“In an effort to reduce the time it took to create the schedule, and eliminate the associated printing costs, I started looking for a scheduling program that would be compatible to our needs and found Aladtec was what we were looking for. The old way I scheduled made it very difficult for anyone but me to do it. A benefit to our members is all 70 of them have access to the schedule in real time through the Internet.”

Timothy Fairfield, Assistant Chief
Bristol-Kendall Fire Protection District, Yorkville, Illinois


“Budgets are tight and I only spend money on items that will produce the best “bang for our buck”. The Aladtec system is reasonably priced and when compared against man-hours used to set schedules and set payroll, it is well worth the investment. I’m also extremely pleased with the level of customer service exhibited. The folks with Aladtec have bent over backwards to assess our needs, making suggestions and coming through with answers to our problems. I am extremely impressed at the ease of use and Aladtec far exceeds my expectations.”

Chief Albert Beardsley
Georgetown Fire Department, Georgetown, MA


“Aladtec’s Event Calendar has been a great help to us. We now have all our public education on the calendar along with our training schedule. In the past, a lot of paper was used to print this out with updates coming almost every day. And, I believe all our fire department members use the mobile app to be able to see their days off, work, and receive text messages about trades. Lastly, payroll has become a lot easier. I’m told that over two hours worth of work for payroll has gone down to forty-five minutes using reports from the Aladtec system.”

Paul Gardner Jr., Deputy Chief
Berwyn Fire Department, Berwyn, IL


“Scheduling our personnel with paper and pencil, and then making a spreadsheet, was challenging. It was hard to keep track of when people could work, because they would say they could only work from this time to this time, and we would have to try to figure out how we could place them in those spots. After switching to Aladtec, I bet I probably save a good 10 to 15 hours a week. By letting personnel pick their own shifts, it frees me up to do other things within my job responsibilities.”

Butch Gervais, Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal
Maplewood Fire Department, Maplewood, MN


“I could go on and on about the service, speed, and friendliness of the staff, but three words sum Aladtec up quite easily. Easy. Convenient. Inexpensive.”

Scott Allain, EMS Director
DeForest Area Fire & EMS, DeForest, Wisconsin


“The Aladtec availability feature prevents double booking staff, which previously was an issue. I can also control overtime which is a definite cost savings benefit. I also love the certification tracking aspect. It was a nightmare to track certifications on all the employees, now I can keep on top of who is current or not current without a problem.”

Luke Clement, Director of Track Services and Special Events
Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa


“When Apollo MedFlight grew enough to necessitate using a scheduling and workforce management software system – I recommended Aladtec. Since using Aladtec, we save about 12 hours a week in scheduling time – so in the course of just one month – we save more than 40 hours in labor. The ROI (Return On Investment) is very fast – our Aladtec system paid for itself in less than a month.”

Brandon Leasure, Program Director
Apollo MedFlight, Amarillo, Texas


“Because it’s subscription based, it was definitely a factor in my decision to choose this system as the company includes tech support and upgrades are free. When I have a question, I simply ask support and don’t have to worry about being charged a fee for it. Since 9-1-1 is a 24-hour operation, and tends to have some pretty funky shifts, this program is perfect for us. We presently have 22 employees all working different shifts and Aladtec has saved me time in scheduling and payroll which used to be a major part of my work week. Now, it’s a breeze!”

Sherri Lovett, 9-1-1 Coordinator
Office of Emergency Services, Elk County 9-1-1, Ridgway, Pennsylvania


“Since using Aladtec my scheduling time has been cut in half. The system is also great because now I can see who’s available every day, all the positions, their scheduled hours, and I can set parameters on certain hours they can work.”

John Bergeron, Deputy Chief of Operations
Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department, Roscoe, Illinois


“We are having great success with our Aladtec scheduling system. It is revolutionizing my job!”

Erica Kragerud-Smith, Executive Director
KidsPark Hourly Childcare, St. Paul, Minnesota