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Introduction to Aladtec

Wed, Dec 14th @ 11a (CST)

Aladtec Employee Scheduling was designed for the unique staffing practices of public safety agencies. Please join us this month as we use Fire industry-specific examples to show how Aladtec can help your department, including how to:

  • Quickly create 24/7 scheduling – from simple to complex shifts
  • Allow employees to sign up for open shifts and submit trade and time-off requests
  • Communicate instantly, with an individual or group, via text and email
  • Create online forms or select from over 200 premade forms to perform equipment checks, turnout inventory, and more
  • Maintain personnel information from tracking certifications to emergency contact info
  • Generate reports for tracking and payroll needs

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Using Accrual Profiles to Track Time Off Balances

Thu, Dec 15th @ 11am (CST)

Join us as we discuss and walk through using the Accruals feature in your Aladtec system. Topics include:

  • How accruals work
  • Building accrual profiles
  • Managing accrual balances
  • Assigning accrual profile(s) to members
  • Understanding profile date range vs starts accruing date
  • Making changes to established accruals