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Free Training & Support

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Free Training & Support

Our Commitment to Free Training and Support via Telephone and Email

At Aladtec, we take great pride in the quality of our customer support, both before and after the sale. Our goal is simple - to treat people the way WE like to be treated.

We Use Our Own Sales/Support People

We never use outside sales representatives or call centers. Aladtec online employee scheduling systems can only be purchased through our own non-commissioned Aladtec employees. Many outside reps have contacted us but we've turned them all down because we just don't believe they will give you the level of support that our own people provide.

Our Sales People Are Also Our Support People (and vice versa)

The person who answers your questions before you start your subscription is also part of the team that provides support after you've started using your system. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and wouldn't let you buy something we weren't confident would meet your needs. Contact our support team at anytime.

No High-Pressure Sales Pitch

You'll never get a high pressure sales pitch from any of our people. When you are considering a purchasing decision, our sales/support people are here to help you learn about our product and help you determine whether or not it will meet your needs. If you become our customer, our staff will continue to provide support and strive to exceed your expectations.

Our Own Skilled Engineers

We never outsource engineering. We hire experienced software engineers and we treat our employees well with generous compensation, vacation, health insurance, life insurance, 401k matching, profit sharing, training, and meal benefits.

Fast and Reliable Hosting

We don't scrimp on hosting. Our dedicated servers are located at highly secure world class facilities in the US and Canada. They are monitored 24/7 by the same hosting and security experts who have been part of our team for more than ten years.

Free Training

We make every effort to keep our Aladtec system as easy to use as possible. This lets us provide your administrator(s) with free and unlimited telephone and email support. We are often asked if we provide on-site training. We've never had to train any of our users on-site but would be happy to discuss options with you. We are confident that you'll find our systems as easy to learn through our phone and email support and video tutorials as it is to integrate into your workplace. 

Our YouTube channel offers training and tutorial videos. Subscribe to our channel and be notified when we have new videos up!

How We Offer Free Training and Support

We know there are plenty of MBA's out there that would tell us we're crazy, but it really works. We get great feedback from our users who refer our products to other services and businesses. Since so many of our new users hear about us through word of mouth, we can direct more of our resources on making our products better and less on sales and marketing.

Free Setup

We do not charge a set-up fee to 'lock' you in. We take the time to understand your current processes and then work with you to configure your system to best meet your needs.